What Is Casein
You might have seen a tub of Casein Protein in store, online or in your mate’s kitchen and thought what is Casein Protein and should I take it too? 

The type of protein you would be use to is Whey Protein which in comparison to Casein Protein is what we call “fast absorbing” protein. By fast we are talking about the amount of time it takes for the protein to be fully metabolised.

Casein Protein is a “slow absorbing” protein that allows for protein synthesis to reach a peak roughly 3 – 4 hours after consumption (as opposed to Whey which is usually 20-40 minutes).

Casein’s slow release of protein throughout the body after consumption makes it perfect for between meals or before bedtime.

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Between Meals

  • Casein Protein gives the body a sudden change from your usual fast absorbing Whey Protein.
  • There is evidence that suggests that acute and large increases in the amount of amino acids in the blood cause protein synthesis rates to increase, so simply pumping yourself full of fast absorbing protein all day isn’t always the way to go.
  • This means that having only a positive protein balance doesn’t stimulate protein synthesis meaning no increase to muscle mass.

Before Bed

  • Sleeping the recommended 8 hours sleep is a long time for your body to go without protein and for bodybuilders or guys with fast metabolisms this means that the body goes into a catabolic state.
  • Catabolism is where the body starts to eat away at your muscle.
  • By taking Casein Protein before bed you will give your body a slower breakdown of protein and feed protein to your body while you sleep.

So how should I take it Casein in conjunction with food and Whey?

  1. Have your Whey Protein shake shortly after your meal.
  2. 2-3 hours later have your Casein Protein shake.
  3. Have your second Casein Protein Shake before bed.
What is Casein and Should I Take It? | Supplement Guide